Endorsements and Reviews

"There are many voices in the BRI world, not all of which are really helpful. Loran has written a very thoughtful, principle- driven book that I believe will add much to this necessary conversation about what a believing investor should know about applying their faith to all investing decisions. I believe this book will be around for many years. I recommend it very highly."

Ron Blue, founding director of Kingdom Advisors and best-selling author of over twenty books on finance from a biblical perspective including Master Your Money

"I believe in Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). If my money is really God’s money, and if God is good and holy, shouldn’t I invest His money in companies that offer a good service or product? Shouldn’t I avoid investing in businesses that take advantage of human weaknesses by tempting people to sin, self-destruction, and disintegration of the family? In Investing with Integrity, Loran Graham has put together a clear, engaging, and persuasive case for BRI. I encourage you to look at it carefully and to ask God what He wants you to do with the money He has entrusted to your care."

Randy Alcorn, author of Money, Possessions & Eternity; The Treasure Principle; and Managing God’s Money 

"Loran Graham has done a superb job in Investing with Integrity to help followers of Christ align their investment decisions with the heart of God. How we handle money is so important to the Lord that there are 2,350 verses in the Bible dealing with it. You will be challenged and encouraged as you learn God’s way of investing. I heartily recommend this book!"

Howard Dayton, founder of Compass— Finances God’s WayTM (www.Compass1.org) 

"Wise stewardship isn’t just about saving, investing, and avoiding debt—it’s about doing so in a way that honors the Lord. Loran Graham’s book provides readers with a comprehensive strategy for doing just that, through Biblically Responsible Investing."

Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family 

"One can’t take discipleship seriously without understanding stewardship, and investing is an integral element of financial stewardship. Investing with Integrity ventures far beyond the topic of investing; it lays out a paradigm for biblical financial stewardship. As Christian investors, we have a fiduciary duty to know how the Owner wants us to invest His money. Loran candidly shares the story of his own growth journey while giving a balanced overview of the different voices on Biblically Responsible Investing. This is a must-read, not only for Christian financial professionals, but for all Christian investors." 

Chris Goulard, CFP®, pastor of stewardship for Saddleback Church; chairman of Christian Stewardship Network 

"Investing with Integrity paints a clear, grace-filled picture of how investment decisions fit into the bigger picture of biblical stewardship. Through the lens of his own personal journey, Loran Graham takes a long view of history, from Main Street to Wall Street, in an approachable, story-filled narrative that illustrates the heart story behind Biblically Responsible Investing. Our investments can truly impact the kingdom."

David Wills, president emeritus at the National Christian Foundation 

"This book matters because Loran Graham presents a compelling case for lining up our finances with our Christian convictions. Specifically, he argues for reconciling our investments with our beliefs. He’s clear and passionate without being judgmental. He explains how new levels of technical sophistication make screening our investments possible. Without question, Graham offers faithful and shrewd financial advice, but when I let financial investing be a metaphor for my time and work investments, the book becomes flat-out compelling, both a reproach and an inspiration. If you’re interested in aligning your portfolio or your life with your beliefs, you need to read this book."

Dr. Bill Robinson, president emeritus of Whitworth University; author of Leading People from the Middle and Incarnate Leadership 

"It is rare that someone who is in the day-to-day rigors of their profession can see with vision the big picture of both their clients’ wishes and the integration of a Christian worldview. Loran has been able to do this, and with additional insight he brings other resources into this book and gives proper credit to many contributors in the field of Biblically Responsible Investing. Investors will benefit from reading this book, as he has brought a new level of understanding to faith-based investors."

Dwight Short, author of Kingdom Gains and Profit or Principles 


"My friend Loran Graham wrote from the heart when he wrote Investing with Integrity. As one of the emerging statesmen in the Biblically Responsible Investing movement, Loran shares insights and principles about investing in an encouraging yet challenging manner. From my perspective, if God is the Owner of all our money and investments (and He is), shouldn’t we invest His money in a way that would please Him as the Owner? If you want to honor God in how you invest your (His) money, read this book. And then...invest with integrity!"

Jeff Rogers, founder and chairman of Stewardship Advisory Group and Stewardship Legacy Coaching 

"Christianity Today once said that I wrote the first book outlining the scriptural basis for an evangelical embrace of responsible investing. Twenty years later, it should say that Loran has written the best book on the subject."

Gary Moore, author of Faithful Finances 101 and Spiritual Investments 

"The Biblically Responsible Investing movement is spreading like wildfire. More and more Christians are discovering the opportunity to glorify God and make an impact by investing in inspiring, biblically aligned companies. Loran Graham is a respected voice in this movement and his book Investing With Integrity offers the most thorough look into this phenomenon that is sweeping the globe."

Robert Netzly, CEO of Inspire Investing and author of Biblically Responsible Investing.